Swaney Performance Horses & Training Inc.

Welcome to Swaney Performance Horses...we pride ourselves on raising quality quarter horses with the  pedigree to back them up. We don't just raise horses, we use our horses around the ranch. They are expected to go to work and do a job. Our horses feature quality cutting and working cow horse bloodlines for a horse that has the athleticism and stamina to do a perform and excel in the cutting or roping pen. We stand four stallions, providing breeding and training services. Feel free to give a call and stop by the ranch any time to visit and see our horses.

Browse our web site for more information about our stallions, broodmares, horses for sale, breeding and training services. Book your mare now for a 2012 breeding. Our foals are on the way and we're not keeping all the good ones so call and watch the sale barn for updates. We've got lots of horses for sale, weanlings and up.

Need a colt started or just a tune up on your riding horse before summer? We offer complete training services for riders of all abilities.

Please call us if you have any questions or would like more information about our horses or the kind of offspring they are throwing.


Swaney Performance Horses
Tim Swaney
15575 Weld County Rd 90, Pierce, CO 80650
(970) 834-2922 or (970) 217-8763 cell

Last updated on 02/14/12