About Us

Tim, Missy and Chance Swaney are the lifeblood of Swaney Performance Horses. Established in 1997, we decided to turn our experience on ranches in South Dakota, Texas and Colorado into a full time breeding and training operation. We have over 30 years experience in the real world training horses with proven methods and proven results. We are proud to have repeat customers and lasting friendships with our customers.

 Whether you are looking to breed or have horses trained, you can be sure you will be treated honestly and your horses will be cared for safely and professionally.

Thanks for considering our horses and please give us a call any time.

    Tim and Peppy - this is how easy our stallions are to handle.

Swaney Performance Horses
Tim Swaney
15575 Weld County Rd 90, Pierce, CO 80650
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